Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim Mee Pok

Jalan Tua Kong Lao Lim Mee Pork (The Art Of Mee Pok Pte Ltd)
Address:306 Bedok Road, Singapore 469466
Famous dish:Dry Mee Pok
Opening Hours:
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Best Food In Singapore Ratings/Comment:There have been a few that claims to be the originator of Jalan Tua Kong Lao Lim Mee Pok. Even in the vicinity of Bedok Shopping Complex (at Bedok Road), there are two. The one that is featured here is right inside the car park, occupying two coffee shops by it self. So, that should speak volume of the quality of food and the business that it generates. Best time to go is on Weekdays morning. On Sat and Sun morning, you need to wait almost about half-hour to get your mee pok. The best thing to do is to order a cup of coffee and enjoy your kaya toast while waiting. You can also try the fried Yong Taofu if you have plenty of stomach space before your mee pok. Just beware, it does not open for dinner, only breakfast and lunch.